∞ Ways to Sabotage Events


There are many events that you can definitely sabotage. There are some that you possibly sabotage. “Possibly” is the keyword here. You have to have the guts. You have to find the inner devil inside of you. Remember when your teachers said you can do anything you want, and anything is possible.” (That sunshine and butterfly teacher.) Well they meant you could do a great amount of good in the world. But you can also do an even greater amount of bad. I mean if everybody does good deeds, who is crushing the world and all of the happiness and making the evil in this world? YOU! So lets do is. Down below is a guide to just about every great sabotage, prank, and vengeful act.

Sabotage Ideas

That wedding

You know that wedding that you get invited to that you are expected to go to, but you hate those people and wish the worse upon them. Well fear not for this article his here for you! I Sir wedding-crasher have come to your rescue. Now the key here is to get some revenge but in a way that you do not get blamed.

Idea 1 You know when they take the couples car and write with those markers all over it? Well just ask for the keys and say you will take the car to go get some more markers. And while your at it be “kind” and go get a car wash. Then when you return you can act sad like things went bad. And everyone will be mad at you until they realize you were trying to be kind and then everything is alright. You then explain that you went to got the car wash then realized what you had done and came back immediately without thinking. (Don”t actually buy the markers say you forgot in the rush.) You then leave the wedding feeling avenged and you live satisfied ever after.

Idea 2  You hate them but the whole family loves and adores them. They know that you hate them. So your in a pickle. How could you get revenge and not get caught in the act of it. Well let me tell you pal. This idea is rather simple and could happen to anybody so I mean nobody would look your way. All you have to do is take a swipe at their cake. Just take your finger and run it across a big swathe of cake. Make sure it is noticeable and as always remember to make sure that no one is watching. The couple go to cut their cake and oh, what’s this, somebody stuck their filthy finger in the cake. What a bummer. I bet it was one of the relative’s kids is what they are agreeing upon. Congrats you did it!

Idea 3 This idea is a bit crazy even for the daring. However high risk, high reward right? Well first off you need to find  an animal that nobody would touch a rat would do nicely, but you can use just about anything. (for all those idiots reading a fish will not work) so put this animal put it in a box that will muffle any sound that it will make. Then while that old lady is blasting the piano music and your eardrums are about to blow, let the rat/another animal out from under the bench. Then let the chaos unfold. Here comes the bride, all screaming in fright.

Related image
Nasty Rat from downtown sewers

You =

That bride that you hate enough to do this to.

oh yeah, mission accomplished. (Rocky victory music)


Food is amazing! It’s the best thing you ever tasted. So why ruin it for others? Because my evil followers nothing can stay good forever. So let’s do this.

Idea 1 Your on that camp-out and your feeling bored what do you do? Well I don’t know maybe try and put a can of soda (unopened)  in the camp fire when nobody is watching, make sure it is not by you then. Than tell everyone around that you need to go do your business. Leave and walk to the forest but not to far. Wait until you here the explosion. And behold you have a disaster that you can’t be blamed for what happened. While your in the forest you will hear it trust me. Act surprised when you get back and act normal. Later you will have the best campfire story to tell your kids.

Idea 2 If ruining a hot dog competition is on your bucket list. I will help you check that off. This is a great idea for people that want to be pro eaters but aren’t. In a hot dog eating contest people usually dip there dogs in the lemonade and swallow them whole.(water will work to.)  All you have to do is replace or add some salt into the drink. It will either make their mouth really dry and they will try to drink more of the lemonade/water only making it worse. Or of course they will quit and the person you want to win (or none of them.) will take the victory.

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