What is the difference between three Nike soccer cleats?

Let’s take a look at the difference between the Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit FG, and the Nike Phantom Vision pro, and the Nike Phantom Vision Academy.

Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit FG 

The Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit FG are $275 at www.nike.com 

 www.nike.com says, “The Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit FG are designed to give you unrivaled fit, and excellent foot-to-ball control.”

These shoes are built for players who need precision and control on the field. It also says the boot has different texture/fabric in the re-saving, passing, and shooting areas of the foot. 

goal.com says these boots wrap around your foot and are a boot you can forget your wearing.

Nike Phantom Vision Pro 

The Nike Phantom Vison Pro are $150 at www.nike.com 

www.nike.com says, “the boots have a textured upper for better ball control, and the hidden laces are for a bigger strike zone.” 

Even though these boots look very similar they are very different; the Nike Pro uses completely different technology than the Nike Elite. 

The web site www.soccerpro.com says the Nike pros don’t have the internal QUADFIT like the Nike Elite does. It also doesn’t have the external Flyknit  either. Over all the Nike pro has the same construction as the Nike Elite it just has different material. 

Nike Phantom Vision Academy 

  • The Nike Phantom Vision Academy are $80 
  • The Web site www.nike.com says, “the boots are meant to bring street play to the field, and the hidden laces are for a bigger strike zone.” 
  • The web site www.footyheadlines.com says, “the different material offers better ball control, and the foam mid-sole is for a light weight cushioning.” 

In conclusion even though these cleats all look the same they are all very different. They all use different technology, and material which allows them to achieve different things.