Joe Ingles is the Most Underrated Player

Why Joe Ingles should be better in NBA 2K

Joe Ingles

 Just a little background information, Joe Ingles is in the NBA. Joe plays for the Utah Jazz and starts for them too. Ingles got drafted in 2009, but didn’t get to play until 2014.   He is married and has two kids. He loves playing basketball and talking trash. In addition to that, he is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 238 pounds.  He also has the looks to be a school teacher.

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Joe Ingles the School Teacher

People like to tease Joe Ingles  about his appearance.  They say he is an average looking white man who sometimes gets referred to as a school teacher because of his looks.  He has a receding hair line and not the best of hair. In one game , he got cut and had to get stitches on his eyebrow. So, he had to get his head wrapped up. They called him headband Joe. While everyone was looking at his “headband” he drained a three to help win the game. So, if you just go on looks, you’re going to get beat.  He can shoot like crazy. He is the most underrated player in the NBA today.

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The Stats

Joe Ingles is one of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA. Last year he made 44% of all his threes and is ranked #10 out of everyone. With this, he is almost a dead eye shooter from anywhere behind the arc. Whenever he is left open, he drains the three point shot. His stats have been improving almost every year. His first year he averaged 5 points in a game. In 2015, he had 4.2 points. 2016, he had 7.1 points.  2017, he had 11.5 points. Finally, this year having one of his best years, he is averaging 11.7 points a game. This might not seem like a lot but  he had a .574 effected field goal percentage. This means if he took more shots like James Harden, he could have more points. He is also good at layups.

Shot Creator

Everyone assumes that Joe can only shot threes.However, he can drive too. One of his nicknames is Slow Mo Joe. This is because he cuts though defense and looks like he is going slow but then he gets a wide open layup. He is also money from the corner three. Joe makes almost all of them.  He also  has great court vision. His vision allows him to get passes into little holes and makes great alley oops. Not only is he an shot creator, he is also a shot denier. He is a great defender. Joe can defend anyone who wants to attack him. His shooting ability and defense make him elite.

Video Game Joe

In NBA 2K 19, Joe Ingles is an A+ from three pointer.  When you are playing NBA ,you won’t think of taking Joe Ingles. I mean this is crazy, right? Yes, but this is just because he is underrated. However, he can make a three from anywhere. He is one of the best three point shooters in the game and in the NBA.  His game takes the Jazz to the next level.  Not a lot of people in NBA 2K have an A+ in threes and in today’s game it’s all about threes. But, 2K underrated him too with some of his stats.

Joe Ingles Underrated

Joe Ingles is underrate in many ways. First, he doesn’t get respect on the three point line. They don’t think he is as good as he is. He is an knock down three point shooter. Next, he is great at layups. He can drive even while he looks like he’s going slow. Then suddenly blow past the defender and get a nice shot or layup. Finally, Joe is amazing at defense. Everyone thinks that they can just blow right by him but, he will stay with you. He might even get a steal or a block.

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