Vines in Seventh Grade

These Sevies are in a species known as Gen Z (not to mistake with Millennials or the iGeneration) and this generation is extremely close to their electronic devices. (One brand attempted to take over multiple times. Including trying to trademark the generation name itself- iGeneration)

Now, with more power than ever, they continue to spread and increase at an alarming rate. Now in order to protect ourselves the government has requested for me to discretely publish this essay against my will. So if find this, I congratulate you. You will be one of the lucky few to survive the invasion of the Sevies.

The first category is the most critical to avoid, as the reaction to these are incredibly notorious among Sevies and reactions tend to be loud and extremely obnoxious. These are known as cringey vine references.

Cringe Vines 

These appear in everyday sentences, and therefore are the most perilous to use, as it is more likely for one to be brought up without knowledge. When one Sevie uses one of these, (most often the male gender) the reaction is contagious to all nearby Sevies in the area.

    1. Is that a weed?
    1. It’s Wednesday
    1. That’s my opinion
    1. You’re not my dad
    1. Iridociclitus
    1. They were roommates
    1. LeBron James
    1. Watch your profanity
    1. Chipotle
    1. Your actions have consequences
    1. That is not correct
    1. Try me 


There are two branches of movement this species categorize as ‘dancing’. It often divides by gender, but not necessarily. The females tend to be drawn towards the “tenoris”, commonly known as “trends”. This generates from certain areas worshiped by Sevies, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and a very obnoxious new one rising from the stubble of it’s predecessor Musically- TikTok. Yet this is not to mistake with talent, or real dance, in any way, shape or form. The males tend to be drawn toward Fortnight dances, which is a much more violent form of movement also commonly mistaken for real dance. This display is continually difficult to watch, and such as certain references discussed above, is contagious and often results in multiple displays in one area. 

Another basic survival skill that is critical to endure these ‘Sevies’ is to be able to predict when and where they’ll be, as well as what they’ll do. Do not engage in any interaction with one at any cost. In the worst case scenario and you must, show no emotion.


Luckily, there is hope. As their life span is relatively short- a year to be precise- you simply have to wait and they’ll be gone forever. Yet some people tend to keep certain tenancies displayed by “Sevies” through out their lives. That is the number one reason why mental hospitals are still around. Yet others tend to live unnoticed and untreated, yet if you find one or even begin to suspect they have these tenancies, inform the nearest authority and move two states over. This ‘disease’ tends to hold on longer to the males, and hasn’t been found in any girls other than those found in Starbucks- current investigations ongoing currently in multiple states in the US.

To conclude, not everyone is safe, and in the more than likely event that you should encounter one, there are multiple measures that you can take to ensure your probability for survival. Help us raise awareness, and share this article to provide knowledge to everyone on how to help themselves.

How to survive middle school as an introvert

Getting through middle school seems impossible, especially when you’re an introvert. Lucky for you, dear reader, I’m here to help. I have tons of experience with middle school. I’ve gone through two and a half years of it. We’ll start off with year one: Sixth grade (or seventh if you go to school in the rare jr. high). 

Sixth (or seventh) Grade 

Older Kids 

The big kids seem terrifying when you first arrive at the new school, but eventually you get used to them. Whether or not the older kids are bullies depends on what school you’re going to. If the older kids are bullies in your school, my suggestion is to try your best to stay hidden. Or just don’t listen to the bullies. I’ve learned that ignoring the bullies works extremely well. If the older kids aren’t bullies in your school, then you shouldn’t have a problem. 


Don’t stereotype your teachers. Just because you don’t like one of them doesn’t mean all of them are bad. Give them a chance. If all your teachers end up being terrible, try asking your parents (or whoever raised you) to put you into some different classes. If that doesn’t work, I’m sorry. I don’t know what else you could do in that situation. 

Hallways and Navigating  

Because you are the youngest grade in the school, you should be the smallest, which means getting through the hallways should be easy. If you have trouble, try this: Find a popular kid to silently walk behind until you get to your next class. Everybody moves out of the way for the popular kids. 


Going to a new school without any of your old friends makes making new friends a challenge. If you prefer being alone, then don’t make friends. If you’d rather not be alone and you want to make friends, try making references to things you like. Let’s say you like a certain band. Make references to that band. If you like a certain movie, make references to that movie. Or you could join/make a club about things you’re interested in. If those two things don’t work, you could go to your school counselor and tell your counselor that you’re having a hard time making friends. Your counselor will understand. It’s their job. 

Seventh (or eighth) Grade 

Being in the Middle 

You are now in the middle of the school. By now, you should know how your school works. That’s why I only have one tip to give you: Help the sixth (or seventh) graders as best as you can. Chances are, the younger kids are too afraid to ask the eighth (or ninth) graders for help. 

Eighth (or ninth) Grade 

Younger Kids 

You’re a big kid now, which means you’re walking among a bunch of people shorter than you. You might be tempted to point out how adorable the sixth (or seventh) graders are because of how small they are. Don’t. They don’t like that, and they’ve probably already heard it a million times. Some of the younger kids are extremely annoying, but remember: You were like that once. If they bother you, simply ignore them. 


Now that you’re in the highest grade in the school, the teachers are going to be a lot harder on you. Some of them won’t, but most of them will. Trust me, you need to work hard, even if you think everything you’re learning is pointless. 

Things for All the Grades 


Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination doesn’t do you any good. If you can’t help but procrastinate, try doing a little bit of your homework every half hour or twenty minutes. If you have multiple days to do your homework, do some of it each day until it’s due.

Top 5 Selling Albums of 2018

1.Astroworld-Travis Scott

Astroworld started something totally new for Travis Scott’s young and growing career. It included some of the best songs he had ever wrote and published. If people hadn’t known about Travis Scott before than they know about him now. Some of the songs from it include “Sicko Mode” which included a feature with Drake which is a big artist himself. Swae Lee along with Big Hawk was also featured on the track. Another song like “No Bystanders” which features an up and coming artist known to many as Juice Wrld. All the rest of the songs on this album are great. It’s highest rank on the Billboard 100 was the No. 1 spot.

2.Beerbongs & Bentley’s-Post Malone

Beerbongs & Bentley’s was one of Post Malone’s greats. It was certified a double platinum award soon after being released. The most known songs on the album include “rockstar” which features 21 savage where they describe their stories from being superstar over the years. The other one that is known well is “Candy Paint” which was about him getting a nice shiny automotive paint finish which makes it a candy like coating. He reached a top place of No. 1 in the country on the Billboard 100 with this album.


This album was going  to peak xxxtentacion’s career. The one that touched people the most was “Sad”. This song was about him beating or in other words over coming his former self where he used to always be in trouble. It was talking about the better man that he is now. But soon before this songs release, “X” was murdered at a motor sports store which specialized in selling boats and motorcycles. When he tried to leave the store he was blocked by a black SUV. 2 males in masks exited the vehicle in hopes to just rob “X”. After “X” denied to give them what they wanted, one of the men shot X in the neck once and while he was in pain they reached inside the vehicle and all they took was a Louis Vuitton bag. “X” had a friend with him but once the shot was fired and he saw his friend bleeding out he tried to flee the crime scene before they could do anything to him. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but by the time that they got there it wasn’t very long before he was pronounced dead. Most of the younger generation that has heard this album claims it to be, “Relatable”. “X” was known for talking about current events that nobody else wanted you to know but in a way that didn’t make it super obvious. He still got the point across even though only some people truly understood. Most people liked him for that but some hated him for spreading the truth. The people that didn’t like him spreading the truth probably did not like it because most everything was so negative.


Scorpion was one of the most famous albums of 2018 simply for one song. “In My Feelings”. This song started a whole challenge that got many people in trouble. It involved you getting out of your car while it was driving on a street and dancing to the song. Many parents wanted the song taken down completely as it was sought as being a safety hazard. When it marked number 1 in the country for 10 weeks in a row it was drakes 29th week at the top of the listing for 2018.

5.Culture II-Migos

Culture II was one of everybody’s personal favorites. Culture II is the third studio album by American hip hop trio Migos. The album features guest appearances from 21 Savage, Drake, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla Sign, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Post Malone and 2 Chainz. It has a total number of 24 songs. The album plays for a combined time of 1 hour 46 mins and 18 sec.

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How To: Binding Of Isaac

what is an isaac 

Edmund McMuffin

The Binding of Isaac is a rogue-lite game made by edmund mcmuffin.  

The version I’ll write about, is Afterbirth Plus. 


Before we start, you will die.  Isaac has a steep learning curve. The only character you can choice is the boy himself, Isaac 

The Protagonist

He isn’t my personal favorite, but he can get you through the entire game if you wanted. Before we get into this, every run is different. You can check your seed by pausing the game. 


Spooky Basement

Welcome to the basement. You will encounter monsters like floating heads, poo monsters, and spiders. The first room you want to find is the Gold Room. 

It will contain your first item. Sometimes a good item, sometimes a bad item, or sometimes an item that requires a charge. Now you can focus on clearing the floor or heading straight to the boss. 

Before the boss, let’s talk about locked doors. Locked doors are sometimes a store to buy stuff with coins, sometimes libraries for free books, or bedrooms to refill all empty heart containers. 

One of the best characters in my opinion, is Cain. Cain is unlocked after getting 55 coins, and starts with lucky toe, which increases luck, and one key. He deals more damage than Isaac by a sliver, higher fire rate, and moves faster than Isaac. 

fighting the big enemy blocking your progression 

 Now that you’re at the boss, be prepared to have your first death. 

Also, the boss will be different every time, so prepare to have your head handed to you by a blob named Monstro,   

this isn’t Monstro.

or a worm named Larry JR. After many failed attempts, the boss will drop an item depending on which boss you fought. Once you kill monstro ten time, you unlock Monstro’s Tooth. You could go back to heal up, or clear the floor, or continue. 

Cave Time  

Now that you’re in the caves, don’t get take damage. If you don’t you can perform Demon Deals at the cost of hearts (unless you’re a certain character)  

In the caves, you can find leeches that go straight for isaac, explosive flies, and wall spiders that shoot you if stay still. When I first began the Binding of Isaac, I died a lot here, don’t run into fires like I did. 

Head towards the Treasure Room and go back to get a key if you don’t have one. Now treasure rooms require a key to enter. 

A key. You need this now.

After going in the treasure room, go straight for the boss, unless you find marked rocks along the way. 

Marked Rock Guide

If marked rocks are destroyed, it’ll drop items like keys, hearts, and after you destroy enough, it’ll drop The Small Rock. It increases damage and decreases speed.  

When the boss is defeated and you didn’t take any damage, you can perform demon deals.  

You can get good (or bad) items from demon deals.  

Make enough demon deals, you unlock Eve. 

Eve starts with two hearts, and a unique item. Whore of Babylon. 

The item itself isn’t unique, but the effects it has on Eve is. 

At one heart (normally half a heart), you become a beast.  It increases Damage & Speed and ignores soul and black hearts.  

 Eve also starts with Dead Bird, whenever Eve takes damage, it summons Dead Bird to attack enemies. 

Make three demon deals in one run, and you get Azazel. 

Azazel starts with three black hearts but can still have normal hearts, flight like Lord of the Pit, and Brimstone. Azazel starts with terrible range, forcing you to go extremely close to an enemy to deal damage. He’s a high risk, high reward character like Judas. 

Ignore Demon Deals, and you can get Angle Rooms. You cannot have both rooms (unless you have a 
 specific item) 

Now that we have demon deals out of the way, we can continue to The Depths. 

This is it Luigi! 

This is the chapter you fight Mom, so prepare to dodge a lot or die trying. 

Make sure you do everything before fighting any bosses, buy stuff from stores, try to find secret rooms. 

By this point, you could have tons of hearts. If you have seven or more, you unlock Maggy.  

Maggy has four hearts, starts with the passive item, Yum Heart, which heals one heart with each use. 

Maggy might seem like the superior character, but she has one weakness. She’s the slowest character in the game. You can still play her & be good at the game, but it requires a different mindset for her. 

Enough of Maggy, we must talk about the bosses. 

The bosses range from very hard to extremely hard. The Adversary has curving Brimstone which is very hard to predict. Monstro II is Monstro but with II next to his name. He has brimstone which is only fired if you stand right next to him and summons flies when he lands. The Gate is just dodging fire, but the patterns are easy compared to others.  

Move onto the next floor and prepare to fight Mom. Take everything you can to help win. Any card, any pill, and any passive item. But if you find Bible, take Bible. 

Mom time 

Mom attacks with stomps, her eyes, and her hand. Mom’s stomps can be avoided if you keep moving, or have explosion immunities, her hand can be avoided if you stay away from the doors, and her eye which takes more damage than any other part, will shoot at you. Whenever she feels like it, she’ll send out monsters and won’t come out until they die.  

If you have the bible, use it. It instantly kills her, and unlocks The Halo, which increases each stat.  

You watch a cutscene & return to the main menu. Now you must kill mom eleven times to progress, but you can do it with different characters.  

If this helped you kill Mom for the first time, good for you. 

If this didn’t, good for you. 

Best Pairs of Shorts for Young Men

1. Best pair of shorts, Nike

In my opinion, these shorts are the number one best sports shorts. Why, you ask. Well for one, these shorts are made of a breathable fabric, which allows the sweat on your body to be soaked up by the fabric. Two, it sort-of has a fixed lining so the shorts will not stick your you legs when you are sweating. Three, has a adjustable wast band to suite your needs.  

2. Adidas Shorts

These pair of shorts are the second best sports shorts for boys. Reasons why are one, has breathable fabric. Two, has shorter pant legs which does not impede with what the athlete is participating in. But the only downside is that these shorts are too short for wearing to a public education building, like and elementary school or Jr High.  

3. Nike Shorts 

Image download failed.

This kind of shorts come in varieties of color. They come in black, blue, grey; all in breathable fabric. There are also cotton black shorts like the other three, but I do not recommend those shorts because cotton is a very absorb-able material. In other words, cotton shorts catch all of the sweat that your body produces and holds the sweat until it can let go of it.  

 4. Jordan Shorts 

These Jordan shorts, which are made by Nike, are highly recommended by professionals. These shorts are super comfortable. These shorts are super comfy because of the tight waste band. They have breathable fabric that allows the shorts to suck up all the sweat. 


Sports people recommend these shorts with high regards( people that do sports). Specifically basketball or soccer. Anyone of these shorts could work for baseball, football, and rugby but I don’t recommend them for those sports (since you’re on the ground a lot). These shorts can be found on Dicks Sporting Goods store 

All of these shorts don’t even have to be used for sporting purposes. Also, they can be used for the fabric in making another set of clothing. They can be used for rags, for painting clothes, so that your “special clothes” don’t get paint on them, and other stuff.

Best way to get a vacation

   But some may not want to get arrested or are incapable of doing it. So other ways may be necessary such as meditating. It will take you out of this world, your mind will be blank and life’s problems will have gone out the window. If you do not know how to meditate here are some steps for beginners,

    1. Sit or lie comfortably.
    1. Close your eyes…
    1. Make no effort to control your breath…breath naturally
  1. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

and if that isn’t enough here is a website that has 7 different way. Meditation can also be enjoyed anywhere, work, home and prison! Go half way around the world, to another solar system, and to areas of the ocean that have never been seen and you can still meditate.

   Also, if your bathing in cash and need a exotic way to spend it go to space. It only cost somewhere between $200,000-$2,000,000,000 but that is just an estimate! Go see the moon, taste food out this world. Breath air not on earth. See views only few will see in are lifetime.

Image result for space

   Go kill some animals… no silly not in real life I’m vegan, play some Minecraft. Hours fly when you’re having fun on Minecraft. You can think it’s only been an hour and because you started playing at noon it would be 1:00 but no its 11;00 and you’ve just found 1 single pringle, diamond! So, you keep playing for no real reason except you need a diamond pickaxe. So, a week later after mining 12 mine shafts, and 7 caves you’ve made a diamond pickaxe, but you’ve traveled so far to find the diamonds that you don’t know how to get back to your main base. So, you take another week to find your base, but you never find it. But you die of starvation and you can’t find where you died to grab your stuff, so you have to start all over. Then you are gone on vacation that you will never return from.

Image result for minecraft

   Another vacation could be reading this, it probably won’t be that useful but because of its interesting thoughts and opinions you have kept reading. Which doesn’t upset me but only proves of my tactic’s success. I believe that to take your mind off one thing of stress that makes you fill the need for a vacation to another thought is a vacation. Why? Because when you’ve thought all you can think about it, that thought that took you away from the stressful one, when you return to the other thought you can’t think because that other thought has you distracted.

   In the end if you really need a vacation, which you probably do if you are still reading this, go get arrested. Go sit back on a luxury prison bed, read books inside their high-quality library. Or meditate (this can be done in prison) it is relaxing and empties your brain of any other thoughts. Go to space, if you got the cash, it will be an out-of-this world experience (you can meditate in space). Lastly play some Minecraft, it is fun and adventurous, time exhausting and easy to play. But than again a vacation could be just reading this, again and again.

Top 5 Reasons People Love Memes so Much

Why do People Love Memes?

Memes are a huge part of the teenage/millennial culture, but why are people so obsessed with them? People spend hours upon hours looking at images with a funny caption, how come nobody has ever asked why? The following will explain the top reasons why people love to look at memes so much.

What is a meme:

T begin, it is important to understand what a meme is. A meme is an image, usually a drawing or movie scene, that has been given an amusing caption. Successful memes are wide spread or copied. The more variations that a meme has the more successful it is. Most people have seen a meme even if they don’t know what it is called.

5. They are Relatable:

Many people find a meme much funnier if they can relate to the meme more. When a meme reflects what people often think it becomes much more popular. A younger person will most likely enjoy a  meme about school, while an older person may enjoy something about work.When a person’s life experiences are expressed in a meme it becomes more relatable or popular. When a meme is based on a current event it become more relevant and relatable. Some examples of relatable memes include the “One Does Not simply” meme and the“Distracted Boyfriend” meme. Those are only a few of the thousands of memes that are on the internet.

4. Memes Reflect on Current Events:

Memes evolve as time goes on. When a major event occurs, such as a presidential election, the meme community changes to represent what is happening in the world. Timing is everything and when a meme comes out about a popular topic, chances are the meme will become popular as well. Memes are a way for people to connect and share their opinion about what is currently happening in the world. 

3. There is a Huge Variety:

There are millions of memes that you can find anywhere on the internet. Companies even use memes for marketing. One meme can have a million different versions and new ones are still being made.One of the things that are a selling point for memes are that they will never get old because of the variety and easy to change nature of memes.

2. Memes are a Way to Show Creativity:

Typically, people will make many different versions of memes for people to enjoy. One picture can have thousands of different captions that go along with it. Memes can show a person’s humor or their creativity. Memes show the ideas of people you have never met before, and yet you get a small part of their personality through the meme. No one owns a meme which makes it better for communities to change them and make a meme their own. With a simple picture there is a different level of communication through the internet.

  1. They are Funny:

The simplest reason why people love memes so much is that they are funny. People will look at memes so that they can laugh. Memes make it so that a person is no longer bored. In addition to this, people look at them to pass the time. The combination of the entertainment and humor make it so memes are known throughout the world and most people enjoy them in some way. This is the number on reason why.

There is also a scientific reason for why a meme that makes you laugh is better. Laughter decreases stress hormones. It also is good for cardiac health because it lowers blood pressure. Low blood pressure reduces a person’s chances for stroke and for a heart attack. This means that memes make you feel better on a scientific level as well as, just making a person laugh.


Memes are popular for mainly one reason, they are funny. The other reasons are also important. There will most likely never be a shortage of memes because of the variety that they have and will always be relatable because it is just regular people who are creating them. The humor of memes is what makes them so enjoyable and popular to people around the world.

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Trombone is a fun and rewarding instrument. Everyone should play an instrument in their life and trombone is a great one. Trombones have a great tone and are satisfying to play. You can play many different genera of music on a trombone. 

This first thing you need to know about a trombone is that it is a brass instrument. A brass instrument is an instrument that uses your lips to make a sound. Your lips vibrate in the mouthpiece and the sound made is then amplified trough the instrument.  

Trombones have a unique quality that sets them apart from the rest of the brass instruments. A slide. The slide on a trombone allows you to change the pitch of the note you are vibrating into the mouthpiece. Every brass instrument has a way of doing this, but trombone is the only one with a slide. 

There is a specific way you are supposed to hold the trombone. The first step is to decide of you are left or right handed. If you write with your left hand you are left handed. If you write with your right hand you are right handed. If you are right handed then the slide will be on the right so you can move the slide with your right hand. To hold the trombone in the correct playing position, first put it over your left shoulder. (Note all of this is for a right-handed person. Reverse it if you are left handed.) Then grasp the trombone with your left hand. You do this by putting your thumb on top of the bell side bar. Then grasp the top slide side bar with your pointer, middle, and ring fingers. Then hold the bottom slide side bar with your pinky finger.  When you are ready to play, grab the bottom slide bar with your right pointer middle and thumb fingers, and remove your left pinky.  

Trombones are made up of three main parts. The bell, the slide, and the mouth piece. The bell is the part with a flared end. This is where the sound comes out. The bell is also responsible for most of the amplification of the sound that is made in the mouth piece. The mouth piece is the smallest part of the trombone. It is where the sound/air begins. The mid-section of the trombone is the slide. The slide is an amazing part of the trombone because it changes the pitch that is made in the mouth piece. The slide is an interesting way to change the pitch because it can closely resemble the human voice. 

The trombone has a unique history. It was first invented during the 1400’s in Germany. It was used to in churches because it could simulate the human voice. It sounded very beautiful in accompaniment to choirs. It later started to be used symphonies because it could be very bold. Trombones were often used to represent thunder of a big bad entry. Then then started to be used in early jazz in the U.S. The purpose of the trombone was once again to simulate the human voice. In jazz the voice is often simulated because in improvisation the most common way to format a solo is to use question and answer phrases.  

A famous trombonist (my personal favorite) is Wycliff Gordon. Wycliff Gordon is a jazz trombonist and sometimes singer. He has been playing since the early 90’s and has released a number of albums. One of his most famous songs is Green Chimneys. Green Chimneys is an interesting jazz song because it uses very tense chords and notes the hole time, so they sound normal. 

As stated before, trombones are a great instrument. They are used in all genera and sound great. Trombones are made up of several parts that work together to make and amazing sound. Trombones have been around for hundreds of years and have a very interesting history. There are many famous trombonists including the infamous Wycliff Gordon. Trombones are important to bands all across the world. Everyone should play and instrument and trombone is recommended. Trombone is great and should at least be appreciated by everyone that has ever lived.

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This is a turkey. Did you expect a trombone?

Xbox Vs. PlayStation

Xbox Vs PlayStation: Battle of the gaming giants  

Xbox Vs PlayStation, two competitors in the gaming business, both with their own  

Hardware, games, controllers, advertising, and development. The video game industry is worth 91.5 BILLION dollars in 2015, with each company racing head-to-head to release the best games, most advanced consoles, and who can pump out the best-looking controllers and headsets. So, with so much money up for grabs, who takes the 91.5-billion-dollar cake? 



For this comparison we are going to take the specs of Xbox’s most advanced console, the long-awaited Project Scorpio, AKA: the Xbox One and PlayStation’s most advanced console, that being the sleek looking PS4 pro. I got these specs Here:

PRICE $400-$500 $400 
CPU Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz 2.1GHz 8-core AMD custom “Jaguar” CPU 
GPU AMD graphics with 6 teraflops AMD Polaris graphics with 4.2 teraflops 


These are just the main specs of each of the consoles. So, what do they mean? Well, starting with price, with the Xbox one packing more power, it also means more bucks, and could cost you up to one-hundred dollars more than the PS4 Pro. Same storage, the Xbox One X has a little more ram than the PS4 Pro, meaning faster startup speed and faster times when loading into games. The CPUs get quite complicated, as the CPU itself is a confusing piece of hardware.  They are almost exactly the same, the Xbox One X CPU is a little bit faster, and the extra 4GB of ram helps with that.  The graphic card for the Xbox can run 1920×1080 at a good framerate.  


Each console has its own, unique controller. They are both different from each other, the size, triggers, and even the sticks are different.  

White Xbox One Wireless controller
PlayStation Dual-shock wireless controller 

The PS4 controller is a little smaller than the Xbox controller, and could be harder for people with bigger hands to use. The Xbox controller has the left stick is more to the left than the PS4 and I find that to be more comfortable, but it all depends on what you like. Xbox controllers do have quite a lot of variety when it comes to styling, they even have a make-your-own controller and have their own elite controller if you are even wanting to upgrade your hand-held hard ware. The Elite controller is quite unique, and can be compared to high end professional controllers, such as a Scuf controller. 

White Xbox One Elite wireless controller
 Scuf Pro Wireless Controller

Exclusive Games

Each company has their own exclusive game titles. Xbox has exclusive games such as Halo, PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 4, and new games coming out like Anthem. Each of these games have something for everyone, and anyone can find games that they love. Xbox also has an Xbox game pass, including over 200 games, except they aren’t the best games around. What does PlayStation have? Titles such as The Uncharted series, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Marvel’s Spider Man, and many more. PlayStation exclusives tend to be more single-player centered, rather than focus on multiplayer in games. 


Every business man or company owner knows that you must spend money on advertising, telling or showing as many people as you can about your company or product. Advertising is where things get the most competitive, because it controls who sees what and who will buy what. PlayStation tends to spend more money on advertising than Microsoft. Whether that be exclusives, priority over other companies. An example of this is as simple as who’s games and logos are displayed first at stores such as game stop.  

Fruits V.S. Vegetables.

We can all agree that all vegetables are the worst,but they are the best for us. But if you think about it is weird that fruit sand vegetables are good.they are good for us, and we love one more than the other. The majority all know which one is better. The fruits of course, but do we know the reason people love the fruits more than the vegetables. 

We love  fruits and vegetables. We love them better because of how good they taste and how they make us full after a serving.  The reason we are full after we have the fruits compared to the vegetables, it is since there is more fibrin the fruits than vegetables.  Another reason is that people just love their flavor and they are full of natural sugars that are somewhat good fours.  


Vegetables are a good part of our diets and we need at least 1/4 of our plate should be full of vegetables, but people just don’t like them as much as they do fruits. The main reason for this is that people growing up have watched movies and T.V. shows that support not eating vegetables because they just don’t like them.

I love both.

They are both good for us and some people will disagree with me that the vegetables are better for us and we need more of them. Those people are wright and people could like the vegetables better, but I am not one of those people that think that fruits are better for us and our body. On the other hand, vegetables have almost the same nutrients as the fruits,but they don’t have the same flavor fruits. Also, people may not disagree or agree with me and they might not even care for either or they like both. 

You best eat those fruits and vegetables.

Another thing about fruits and vegetables is that if you don’t eat any you aren’t on healthy diet or even close to your fiber you should have for the day or even for your life. If you don’t get fiber than you may have problems in the bathroom, or even may have other problems.

Ways to cook.

There are all kinds of way to get your fiber, but the best way is from fruits and vegetables.You can do all kinds of thing to vegetables you can bake, saute, grill, and bake. The best way (in my experience) is to saute. I love sauteing because it adds lots of flavors to the food and makes it high in fiber because of the vegetables and if you add meat it makes it extra tasty and delicious. Grillings my number two because it gives it that great fresh off the grill flavor. Try to satay away from frying vegetables because frying anything is bad because frying adds lots of fat although it gives flavor it is very bad for you.

What can happen.

There are many things that can happen if you eat to much fat. One of them being is a heart attack. How a heart attack works is that the cholesterol from the fat that you take in from all the fried food or meat you ate. Another one is a stroke, but it happens in the brain and is as deadly as a heart attack.  


          We usually see fruits in desserts like being covered in chocolate and that isn’t good for us, but we just love sweets in America and we just must have it after the big fat filled meal. Another thing is that fruits are good for us until they have some type of chocolate or vanilla syrup that is as good for us as regular fruits by themselves. You don’t usually see chocolate covered vegetables because they aren’t sweet and sweet goes with sweet,so chocolate and vegetables don’t go together.


In conclusion fruits and vegetables are good for us and they both have fiber. Fruits have fat and fiber and vegetables have less fat but about the same amount of fiber and they are better for us because they have fewer natural sugars depending on the vegetables. Vegetables are not good with chocolate because they are not sweet like the syrup and it is very bitter depending on the type of vegetables. Also,people like fruits more than vegetables more because they are sweet.