Top 5+ Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction

Like most people these days, you’re probably excessively dependent on your smart phone. It’s most likely always within you’re reach. The last thing you look at before you fall asleep, the first in the morning when you wake up. As a result, you came here to crack the code on how to become less obsessed.  Spending less time on your phone can result in having a happier, healthier lifestyle. Here are the top five tips on how to break your cell phone addiction.

Tip #1: Realize

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Just how addicted are you? 90% of Americans are addicted to their phones, but most don’t even realize it! Does it make you uncomfortable or anxious if your phone isn’t near you? How many times a day do you look at it, unlock it? What are you checking your phone for? These are things you wouldn’t normally think about. Take a quick quiz to grasp the level of your addiction. Fun (ish?) Fact: Nomophobia is the fear of not having a mobile cell phone.

Tip #2: Download an app?

It’s ironic, but one of the bCover artest ways to spend less time on your device is to download an app that monitors your phone use. The best one I’ve found is Your Hour. This app helps you track and manage your phone use. With this app, you are able to set limits and goals, and see how long you’ve used an app. It even shows you how many times you unlocked your phone that day.

Tip #3: Find something you’re passionate about

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I guess you could call this keeping yourself busy. But If you have something to fill up your time that you’re passionate about, you will spend less time on the internet. Also, having something that you love will improve your attitude, which will lead to using your phone less. Also, if you’re going to weekly (or more) practices or meetings, you will make new friends and be happier, therefore reducing phone use even more. Here are some fun and easy recipes to make if you like cooking!

Tip #4: Make some friends, and then have fun!

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This step of the process includes actually socializing, which can be hard, I know. But come on! Go out there and make some friends. The next step is to schedule fun activities to do with your new friends. You can’t just wait and expect them to do it for you. And you won’t regret it, I promise.

Tip #5: Set aside time

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You’ve gotten home from a long day of torture (*cough* school). You crash on the couch, and start scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube. Suddenly hours have flown by and you have an essay due tomorrow! Prevent situations like this one by setting aside a certain amount of time to spend on your phone. For example, take ten minutes in the morning to wake up, and twenty in the afternoon when you get home. Just make sure to set some type of timer. Or else this won’t work. Then you can accomplish whatever you need to. You can also take breaks, but don’t forget the timer. You could also try playing a fun instrument or going outside during a break instead.

Bonus Tip: You’re gonna need some help

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It can be hard to keep yourself on track. Allow a friend or family member to let you know if too much of your time is being consumed by your phone. They will help you stick to your goals and limits. Sometimes you need a little help to realize what you’re doing and how often. Time flies by when your eyes are glued to a screen.

Bonus BONUS tip: Out of sight, out of mind

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Everything becomes hard to accomplish when your phone is constantly begging for your attention. Whether it’s homework, completing your infinite to-do list, or having a real conversation, your phone is always at the back of your mind. The best approach to this is to put your phone away. If you’re struggling to focus with your phone next to you, put it in a different room. Turn it on silent, whatever helps you focus. Whatever helps you achieve your goals – short-term, long-term, small, big. Don’t let your phone (or anything else) get in the way.

Good luck!

Phones are great tools for entertainment and communication. But they’re not meant to fill your mind and thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your phone wisely. You can do this!

Things Never to Say to Sevies

Things Never to Say to Sevies

Random words appear to trigger these picayune, loud group of students. Even in daily conversation the normal human must be vigilant at all times in order to avoid chaos. In order to survive social interaction with this group, scientifically known as “minima septem”, you must know what to avoid at all costs.

These Sevies are in a species known as Gen Z (not to mistake with Millennials or the iGeneration) and this generation is extremely close to their electronic devices. (One brand attempted to take over multiple times. Including trying to trademark the generation name itself- iGeneration)

The first category is the most crucial to avoid, as the reaction to these are incredibly notorious among Sevies and reactions tend to be loud and extremely obnoxious. These are known as “quantum mali viti”, or cringey vine references.

Quantum Mali Viti- Vines

These appear in everyday sentences, and therefore are the most perilous to use, as it is more likely for one to be brought up without knowledge. When one Sevie uses one of these, (most often the male gender) the reaction is contagious to all nearby Sevies in the area.

  1. Road work ahead
  2. Chicken strips
  3. Chili’s
  4. Hurricane Katrina
  5. Avocado
  6. Hey, I’m lesbian
  7. What are those?
  8. I won’t hesitate
  9. Adam
  10. Why you lying?
  11. Is that a weed?
  12. It’s Wednesday
  13. That’s my opinion
  14. You’re not my dad
  15. Iridociclitus
  16. They were roommates
  17. LeBron James
  18. Watch your profanity
  19. Chipotle
  20. Your actions have consequences
  21. That is not correct
  22. I’m Jared, I’m 19
  23. Try me
  24. I’m about to say it


Certain people obtain unwanted attention from Sevies, merely because of their name and the fact that Sevies have not yet evolved to know the definition of personal space. If you have any of the following names, I would strongly encourage you to stay clear of areas where Sevies are said to be.

  1. Adam
  2. Hillary
  3. Logan
  4. Jared
  5. Jake
  6. Dick
  7. Jeff, or Jeffery
  8. Trey
  9. Donald
  10. Paul
  11. Richard
  12. Moe, Wiley, Wang, (Not specifically for this generation, but just awkward in general)

Also, Sevies tend to believe that they are very politically educated. Which, of course, becomes obviously transparent when you interact with one. Under no circumstances bring up the president of the United States, and/or and leaders of other nations.


There are two branches of movement this species categorize as ‘dancing’. It often divides by gender, but not necessarily. The females tend to be drawn towards the “tenoris”, commonly known as “trends”. This generates from certain areas worshiped by Sevies, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and a very obnoxious new one rising from the stubble of it’s predecessor Musically- TikTok. Yet this is not to mistake with talent, or real dance, in any way, shape or form. The males tend to be drawn toward Fortnight dances, which is a much more violent form of movement also commonly mistaken for real dance. This display is continually difficult to watch, and such as certain references discussed above, is contagious and often results in multiple displays in one area. 

Another basic survival skill that is critical to endure these ‘Sevies’ is to be able to predict when and where they’ll be, as well as what they’ll do. Do not engage in any interaction with one at any cost. In the worst case scenario and you must, show no emotion.


Luckily, there is hope. As their life span is relatively short- a year to be precise- you simply have to wait and they’ll be gone forever. Yet some people tend to keep certain tenancies displayed by “Sevies” through out their lives. That is the number one reason why mental hospitals are still around. Yet others tend to live unnoticed and untreated, yet if you find one or even begin to suspect they have these tenancies, inform the nearest authority and move two states over. This ‘disease’ tends to hold on longer to the males, and hasn’t been found in any girls other than those found in Starbucks- current investigations ongoing currently in multiple states in the US.

To conclude, not everyone is safe, and in the more than likely event that you should encounter one, there are multiple measures that you can take to ensure your probability for survival. Help us raise awareness, and share this article to provide knowledge to everyone on how to help themselves.