Best Pairs of Shorts for Young Men

1. Best pair of shorts, Nike

In my opinion, these shorts are the number one best sports shorts. Why, you ask. Well for one, these shorts are made of a breathable fabric, which allows the sweat on your body to be soaked up by the fabric. Two, it sort-of has a fixed lining so the shorts will not stick your you legs when you are sweating. Three, has a adjustable wast band to suite your needs.  

2. Adidas Shorts

These pair of shorts are the second best sports shorts for boys. Reasons why are one, has breathable fabric. Two, has shorter pant legs which does not impede with what the athlete is participating in. But the only downside is that these shorts are too short for wearing to a public education building, like and elementary school or Jr High.  

3. Nike Shorts 

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This kind of shorts come in varieties of color. They come in black, blue, grey; all in breathable fabric. There are also cotton black shorts like the other three, but I do not recommend those shorts because cotton is a very absorb-able material. In other words, cotton shorts catch all of the sweat that your body produces and holds the sweat until it can let go of it.  

 4. Jordan Shorts 

These Jordan shorts, which are made by Nike, are highly recommended by professionals. These shorts are super comfortable. These shorts are super comfy because of the tight waste band. They have breathable fabric that allows the shorts to suck up all the sweat. 


Sports people recommend these shorts with high regards( people that do sports). Specifically basketball or soccer. Anyone of these shorts could work for baseball, football, and rugby but I don’t recommend them for those sports (since you’re on the ground a lot). These shorts can be found on Dicks Sporting Goods store 

All of these shorts don’t even have to be used for sporting purposes. Also, they can be used for the fabric in making another set of clothing. They can be used for rags, for painting clothes, so that your “special clothes” don’t get paint on them, and other stuff.

Horror Books on the Must Read List

by TpizzaHey 




1. Frankenstein 

Mary Shelley 

– a story everyone seems to know, but have you really read it? A classic horror novel by Mary Shelley is 201 years old as of October 27–29, 2018. If you’re into a ghastly story about a misunderstood monster, you’re in the right place. 




2. The Tell-Tale Heart- 

Edgar Allen Poe  

– “Villains!’ I shrieked. ‘Dissemble no more! I admit the deed! Tear up the planks! Here, here! It is the beating of his hideous heart!”
― Edgar Allan Poe  

-This is a direct quote from the chilling tale, its man gone crazy. His urge to take out the old man he cares for grows and grows and grows until he can finally do something about it. 




3. I Am Legend 

Richard Matheson 

-You’ve heard of the hit movie, I Am Legend? The one starring Will Smith, (spoiling, the dog doesn’t make it to the end) This is the book that inspired it, an adventure of a lonely man. Robert Neville hunts the zombie-vampire hybrids in the day time. By night, he barricades himself, and prays he will see the dawn. In this world, it isn’t promised. 






4. The Mist  

Stephen King 

-You’ve heard of Stephen King, right? IT, The Shining, Cujo? If you haven’t, I suggest you look him up and read one of his books. A mist covers the town of Bridgton, Maine and chaos is quick to ensue as horror and madness comes to life. 





5. Let the Right One In  

John Ajvide Lindqvist 

-Vampires are real in this story, but they don’t always look like the stereotypical pale skin, dark hair, capes and turning into bats. Except that sunlight pours onto them and they catch a flame and if you don’t invite them in, they can’t survive crossing the doors threshold. A small twelve-year-old boy named Oskar finds the new kid in the neighborhood odd, why doesn’t she go to school? He soon learns the girl’s name, Eli, but what he doesn’t know about her is that she is a half century old vampire.





6. The Hunger  

Alma Katsu 

-About one of Americas most haunting disasters, this adaptation depicts something more sinister end for the Donner party. An enormous supernatural twist on the sad tale of the Donner party as they find themselves stuck in the mountains with a twisting winter.





7. Bird Box  

Josh Malerman 

-A plague hits the world, (whether it be sickness or a large creature). As a result, nearly everyone perished and a lone mother with her two children must guide them to safety while all blindfolded to escape the horrors of the world. Now a Netflix adaption is going to come out on the 21 of December, 2018.





8. World War Z  

Max Brooks 

-You’ve heard of the movie, haven’t you? As another iconic zombie novel, it shows the survival skills of people as zombies plague the world. Causing chaos and people to forget what calm means.  





9. At the Mountain of Madness  

H.P. Lovecraft  

-As from the prospective of the slaveholders they find their ancient civilization collapsing as the slaves’ revolt, and it will make you hesitate to call them monsters as you find yourself reading as the many people who owned the slaves. Would you call them monsters or yourself one? 





10. The Haunting of Hill House 

Shirley Jackson 

-The popular Netflix adaption. Confining four groups of people with plenty of paranormal experience, a scientist hopes to find concrete evidence for the things that go bump in the night. Nothing could ever go wrong! Eleanor, she seems to be falling under a spell, but is it a paranormal occurrence or is it just her mental state deteriorating after so much strain? Will uncertainty lead to chaos among the four or will it drive them to do drastic things? 






11. The Shining 

Stephen King 

-We’ve all referenced the shining once or twice in our life, but what is the plot of the story? Creepy identical twins, elevators filled with blood, Jack Torrance busting a door open with an ax screaming at his wife Here’s Johnny!, hallucinations? All of that is inside this horror filled book, but where does this madness lead? Is it real or just a figment of Jack Torrance’s mind? It starts with a vacation for a small family, but soon Jack starts seeing things, and he can’t decipher whether its reality or fake.




For other great horror reads go and head to the article by Petra Mayor.