Top 5+ Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction

Like most people these days, you’re probably excessively dependent on your smart phone. It’s most likely always within you’re reach. The last thing you look at before you fall asleep, the first in the morning when you wake up. As a result, you came here to crack the code on how to become less obsessed.  Spending less time on your phone can result in having a happier, healthier lifestyle. Here are the top five tips on how to break your cell phone addiction.

Tip #1: Realize

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Just how addicted are you? 90% of Americans are addicted to their phones, but most don’t even realize it! Does it make you uncomfortable or anxious if your phone isn’t near you? How many times a day do you look at it, unlock it? What are you checking your phone for? These are things you wouldn’t normally think about. Take a quick quiz to grasp the level of your addiction. Fun (ish?) Fact: Nomophobia is the fear of not having a mobile cell phone.

Tip #2: Download an app?

It’s ironic, but one of the bCover artest ways to spend less time on your device is to download an app that monitors your phone use. The best one I’ve found is Your Hour. This app helps you track and manage your phone use. With this app, you are able to set limits and goals, and see how long you’ve used an app. It even shows you how many times you unlocked your phone that day.

Tip #3: Find something you’re passionate about

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I guess you could call this keeping yourself busy. But If you have something to fill up your time that you’re passionate about, you will spend less time on the internet. Also, having something that you love will improve your attitude, which will lead to using your phone less. Also, if you’re going to weekly (or more) practices or meetings, you will make new friends and be happier, therefore reducing phone use even more. Here are some fun and easy recipes to make if you like cooking!

Tip #4: Make some friends, and then have fun!

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This step of the process includes actually socializing, which can be hard, I know. But come on! Go out there and make some friends. The next step is to schedule fun activities to do with your new friends. You can’t just wait and expect them to do it for you. And you won’t regret it, I promise.

Tip #5: Set aside time

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You’ve gotten home from a long day of torture (*cough* school). You crash on the couch, and start scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube. Suddenly hours have flown by and you have an essay due tomorrow! Prevent situations like this one by setting aside a certain amount of time to spend on your phone. For example, take ten minutes in the morning to wake up, and twenty in the afternoon when you get home. Just make sure to set some type of timer. Or else this won’t work. Then you can accomplish whatever you need to. You can also take breaks, but don’t forget the timer. You could also try playing a fun instrument or going outside during a break instead.

Bonus Tip: You’re gonna need some help

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It can be hard to keep yourself on track. Allow a friend or family member to let you know if too much of your time is being consumed by your phone. They will help you stick to your goals and limits. Sometimes you need a little help to realize what you’re doing and how often. Time flies by when your eyes are glued to a screen.

Bonus BONUS tip: Out of sight, out of mind

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Everything becomes hard to accomplish when your phone is constantly begging for your attention. Whether it’s homework, completing your infinite to-do list, or having a real conversation, your phone is always at the back of your mind. The best approach to this is to put your phone away. If you’re struggling to focus with your phone next to you, put it in a different room. Turn it on silent, whatever helps you focus. Whatever helps you achieve your goals – short-term, long-term, small, big. Don’t let your phone (or anything else) get in the way.

Good luck!

Phones are great tools for entertainment and communication. But they’re not meant to fill your mind and thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your phone wisely. You can do this!

Top 5 Reasons People Love Memes so Much

Why do People Love Memes?

Memes are a huge part of the teenage/millennial culture, but why are people so obsessed with them? People spend hours upon hours looking at images with a funny caption, how come nobody has ever asked why? The following will explain the top reasons why people love to look at memes so much.

What is a meme:

T begin, it is important to understand what a meme is. A meme is an image, usually a drawing or movie scene, that has been given an amusing caption. Successful memes are wide spread or copied. The more variations that a meme has the more successful it is. Most people have seen a meme even if they don’t know what it is called.

5. They are Relatable:

Many people find a meme much funnier if they can relate to the meme more. When a meme reflects what people often think it becomes much more popular. A younger person will most likely enjoy a  meme about school, while an older person may enjoy something about work.When a person’s life experiences are expressed in a meme it becomes more relatable or popular. When a meme is based on a current event it become more relevant and relatable. Some examples of relatable memes include the “One Does Not simply” meme and the“Distracted Boyfriend” meme. Those are only a few of the thousands of memes that are on the internet.

4. Memes Reflect on Current Events:

Memes evolve as time goes on. When a major event occurs, such as a presidential election, the meme community changes to represent what is happening in the world. Timing is everything and when a meme comes out about a popular topic, chances are the meme will become popular as well. Memes are a way for people to connect and share their opinion about what is currently happening in the world. 

3. There is a Huge Variety:

There are millions of memes that you can find anywhere on the internet. Companies even use memes for marketing. One meme can have a million different versions and new ones are still being made.One of the things that are a selling point for memes are that they will never get old because of the variety and easy to change nature of memes.

2. Memes are a Way to Show Creativity:

Typically, people will make many different versions of memes for people to enjoy. One picture can have thousands of different captions that go along with it. Memes can show a person’s humor or their creativity. Memes show the ideas of people you have never met before, and yet you get a small part of their personality through the meme. No one owns a meme which makes it better for communities to change them and make a meme their own. With a simple picture there is a different level of communication through the internet.

  1. They are Funny:

The simplest reason why people love memes so much is that they are funny. People will look at memes so that they can laugh. Memes make it so that a person is no longer bored. In addition to this, people look at them to pass the time. The combination of the entertainment and humor make it so memes are known throughout the world and most people enjoy them in some way. This is the number on reason why.

There is also a scientific reason for why a meme that makes you laugh is better. Laughter decreases stress hormones. It also is good for cardiac health because it lowers blood pressure. Low blood pressure reduces a person’s chances for stroke and for a heart attack. This means that memes make you feel better on a scientific level as well as, just making a person laugh.


Memes are popular for mainly one reason, they are funny. The other reasons are also important. There will most likely never be a shortage of memes because of the variety that they have and will always be relatable because it is just regular people who are creating them. The humor of memes is what makes them so enjoyable and popular to people around the world.

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